Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blocking and Still Organizing

My pillow cover is on the blocking board (Big Sisters Puzzle). Yeah!!! Almost finished. I just need to find a nice wool sweater to cut up for the backing. I am kind of missing the pink though. They didn't have any nice pinks in this yarn, just baby pink and mauve, no thanks. This has been so quick for me. Usually projects can take me months. I am not a finisher, more of a starter. I've started another crochet project too, I'll wait to post a pic when it starts to work up a bit.

On to the Challenge of today (oops, yesterday). I am behind on the organizing, I did yesterdays project today, and will have to wait for tomorrow to do today's project. I'll catch up, maybe.
The linen closet. Well, I put my sheets in the top of my bedroom closet and they are organized pretty nicely and the girls sheets are in the top of their closet in a nice basket, so I decided on the bathroom closet and shelves. OH, MY GOODNESS!!! I purged so much stuff.
I hate my bathroom closet. When we added on the the bathroom, the closet next to the tub only turned out to be about 12 inches wide and when adding the door, it has about a 10 inch opening and it goes back almost 4 feet. Talk about an abyss. It's not the driest place either. I plan on putting a container of damprid in there. Well, I've promised myself, I will not stuff things in there ever again. (Fingers Crossed)

We put a nice built in shelf behind the door which we needed desperately for extra space. I just need to keep it pretty neat because there is not hiding it. I keep all kind of things here, I just threw some things out, and reorganized. It feels so good. Tub, Sink, and Toilet clean too. I'm done for the day.

Here and the before and after pics.

Stay tuned for tomorrows challenge, might have to do two in one day.

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Emily said...

Ohmygoodness!! You're blog finally let me post on here!! YAY!!!!! Great job cleaning and organizing!! I need to get rid of stuff soo bad, just haven't found the energy to do it!! You're inspiring me to clean .. I think I might start with my bookshelf area in my living room. It seems to have become a catchall over the holidays this year!!

gracie said...

Your crochet project looks should take your organizing skills on the road! Everything is looking super....


I love this: super colours.

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