Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Hat on Etsy!!

I've finally got my new design and a few pictures, and have posted them in my Etsy Shop. I have worked very hard on designing and getting the sizes right for this hat. It is a slightly slouchy style, and can be worn in all seasons. I just love it, and my baby and my nieces are such cute models.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Another New Look

Okay, I didn't look this happy last night. I decided that I needed a trim, and asked my sister (who is not a hairdresser) to cut my hair. She usually does a good job, but let's just say.... that she had had a couple of glasses of wine and went a little overboard. I was hacked! And to top it all off, I bought some hair dye that DID NOT look this red on the box. My grays are HOT PINK!!!!! My hair has never been this short, and I don't know how much I hate it, yet. My sister came over at 7:00 this morning saying that she hadn't slept much and needed to come and fix it. She brought breakfast, shampoo, a hair magazine for short hairstyles, spray gel, curlers and her SCISSORS!!! Well, needless to say, I let her fix it. It looks much better than last night, but I will never get it to look good by myself. I just cannot do my hair. I am the type that takes the towel down, adds a bit of gel, scrunches my hair a bit and lets it dry that way. I believe that this new style will take a little more work. Maybe I'll take another pic tomorrow

On another note, I had a wonderful day shopping with my Mom for Father's day. We'll have a nice family barbeque tomorrow and the weather promises to be great.

Until another time,

Monday, June 13, 2011

I've Officially Started My Etsy Shop

Well, I have officially started my shop. Right now just a couple of things, but I am working on a couple more ideas. I have actually had a few sales. Nothing to write home about, but it's a start.
My shop is called RUSTIC THREADS. It's a name I picked out a while back when I started up on Etsy, and it turns out they won't let you change your name, so I won't be 22 Threads on Etsy. The shop will be dedicated to patterns, finished products, and supplies like yarn and possibly some cross stitch items. Please stop by and add me to your favorites.
Thanks to all my blogging buddies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help! Unable to Post Comments

I am having trouble with Blogger lately. I am unable to post comments on the blogs I read. It always asks me to sign in, then I do, then it takes me back to the comment, then asks me to sign in, then I do, then it takes me back to the get the picture. Also on the top right hand side of Blog pages it says Create Blog Sign In. I think I am signed in. I have tried Signing Out, then back in, but this has not worked.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks a bunch,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Testing for Carnation is Closed

Testing for the pattern is closed. Thank you to the ladies who are helping me with this. I hope to see more finished pictures. Above photo is mine. I would like to ask the ladies if I could post their pics of the flower on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking For Experienced Crochet Testers~Edited

Hello everyone. I can't believe I have been away this long. It has been so wonderfully busy around here with the weather picking up. I have been walking with the girls everyday and gardening, and just playing outside. It feels so good.

I have been working on a little pattern of a carnation flower. I have just written out the pattern, which I have never done before. I was wondering if a few of you would like to test out my pattern and see if it is readable or could be improved. I am looking for people who are at least a little experienced with crochet. I can send the pdf via e-mail. I will send out to the first 3 people who are interested. You can just e-mail me a pic of your final product with any comments. It would be greatly appreciated. I will also need your e-mail address, or a way to get the pdf to you.

Thanks so much, I hope it won't be so long before another post again.


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