Friday, January 7, 2011

Ripple Throw and Day 6 of Organizing

I started this fantastic ripple throw blanket from Lucy at Attic24. It will have 12 colors, not super bright, but colorful enough. This stitches up so nicely, and it is so mindless that I can get so much done at night in front of the TV. I am using Vanna's Choice yarn. For an acrylic it is very soft. I can't wait to get back at it. More beautiful colors for my home.
Day 6 on the Challenge, it has been so motivating for me. It's hard to beleive that I am really sticking to it. I'm sorry though that you have to witness pics of my dirty little spaces. Seems quite yuck really. So today I am only going to post 2 pics of the finished products. Much nicer, I think. Today's challenge was the Dresser Drawers. Since I don't have my own dresser, just a big closet, I organized the girls' dresser. I got rid of a bunch of too small clothes and just tried to fold everything semi neatly. Little tiny clothes are hard to fold really nice.

I also got around to Under the Kitchen Sink, it really wasn't as bad as I thought under there. Smells great now.
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Violet said...

Good job! It's hard for me, too, but sometimes it's good to post your "befores"-- that way you can remind yourself of what you accomplished.

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