Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hooking and Organizing

Here is the pillow cover that I mentioned in the last post. I just adore the colors. I need this in my life....More Color!!!! The squares look a little squished and not shaped right, but hopefully when is all said and done they will look perfectly square. This is the design from Lucy at Attic24. She has been inspiring me for more color. I just love her projects. I'm sure I'll try my hand at a few more, then maybe designing some things of my own.

Now on to The Organizing Challenge Day 3. The tupperware cabinet. Boy, this was what I needed. I got rid of over 20 pieces of tupperware. A family of 2 adults and two little ones don't need this much tupperware. Oh, this cabinet goes back for miles.

Big Sister went to the library with her Grandma, and Little Sister had her morning nap, and I tackled this.

Here is the finished product. Now, not to fill it up again!!!!! Ha, yeah right.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to come by tomorrow to check out the next organizing project, I just hope it's not Under The Kitchen Sink.


Anonymous said...

Great organization work!

Meadows08 said...

Pretty cushion cover! Another great organizing job done too. Excellent start to the New Year Hillery.

Jayne said...

I'm terrible at organising, so you have inspired me, and tomorrow I really WILL sort out at least one cupboard! Love your blog x

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