Thursday, May 3, 2012

A FINISH!!! And a WIP!

 Well, here it is.  My first cottage, finished!!  I am way behind, but that's okay.  I am just psyched that I did it.  This is my favorite so far.  As you can see I am leaving out the month names, I just didn't want them.  I am moving the top down about 8 stitches and improvising with the various elements already in the designs.  I am over half way finished with February and am making the flowers on the sides a bit shorter to make it work better.  I really like this too, I'm just not sure about my color choice of green.  It's a bit darker than the original, but it will have to work because I am not frogging it.  As you can see I have March in my queue.  I will be doing a floss toss for this one soon.  

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is well,

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