Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Hat in the Shop


Well, I've still been crocheting away.  I have finished 2 hat orders this week and have finished this design as well.   I really, really like it.  It is stitched with Vanna's Choice yarn, (one of my favorites for softness).  I crocheted it with a slightly bunchy top, and finished it with a tassel.  I used a soft color palette, and can't wait to try other colors.  I love the little crocheted *button* embellishments.  I wish I could crochet faster.  There is so much I want to try.  Right now my hand a wrist seem to be aching a bit.  I probably should give them a rest.  There was a blog post somewhere out there about hand and wrist exercises before and after crocheting.  I think I'll go look that up.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by,

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