Friday, January 14, 2011

Name Change~I Guess I Can Do That

Okay, okay, I started this new blog a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to start fresh and try to blog a little differently about my life. Well, the name really eluded me, I didn't spend too much time on choosing a name, and I wanted this blog to be about everything, not just one hobby that I have, so I chose This and That. Not too inspiring huh? I look at different blogs a lot, and I love some of the names they have. Sometimes the names are just random, and I really like that. Well, I've thought about it and came up with something I like better.

So I am changing my name. I am always so undecided.
22 for my favorite number
and Threads for the for the types of hobbies that I love. (Cross Stitch, Crochet, Sewing)

It's a little catchier. It might not be the best name out there, but I like it.
This is it though. I promise I won't change it again!!!
I don't think I can change the URL, but I'll look into it.

Thanks for stopping by,


Maria said...

Naming your blog can be so very hard. Sometimes the title has nothing to do with your posts and others its totally their posts.
I like the new title - makes it fun to work out what it means

Sharon said...

I LOVE the new name - it makes me smile when I say it! :) Some night when you can't sleep, you should try to figure out what your favorite 22 threads really are. DMC & specialty threads. LOLOLOL :)

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