Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

My view this morning as I sit in front of the computer perusing blogs that I love, and stitching a bit on my ripple blanket. I do love how this blanket is coming along. I think I might be about a fourth of the way done. I am using Vann's Choice yarn, which is 100% Acrylic, but it is the softest acrylic I have ever used. It is just so squishy. I just love having it on my lap.

On to the 21 day Organizing Challenge!!!
I am a bit behind, and I am not going to show you any before pics, just the afters.
Here are two challenges, Under the Bathroom Sink, and Medicine Cabinet/Medicines and First Aid...

This is exactly how my bathroom sink looked anyway. I guess I've always kept that pretty neat. I just took everything out and wiped it down.

I organized this section of my bathroom when it was Linen Closet day. It is where I keep my medicines, first aid, vitamins, make up bags, and other odds and ends. This is a deep cupboard in the bathroom that could probably house a few more things. But at least it is neat.


Cole said...

Great organizing!!

I used Vanna's Choice for my granny stripe and loved it too! I've bought some more again, I was going to do another granny stripe, but I think I'm going to try a log cabin now. Great progress :)

Astri said...

Love your organizing posts. Crocheting and organizing are two of my favorite activities. Your posts are very motivating. For that exercise try riding a recumbant exercise bike while crocheting.

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