Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crochet Heart Garland

I saw this decoration and just had to do it for Valentines this year. I have two hearts made and will have to make at least 8 more I think. They are so easy and quick to whip up. Hopefully I'll have a Finish soon. Try some for yourself.
We've just had about 6 inches of snow fall overnight, so hopefully I can get outside with Big Sister today. We have been cooped up for too long. I'll tell you I definitely need some exercise. Hubby and I were just talking last night about losing 10 pound each. With 2 little ones, it's hard to get any exercise in, so I think I'll start cooking a little lighter for a start.
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Ma Teakettle said...

This is a gorgeous blog! I look forward to reading it daily. :)
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog...and we like ours in jerky, but we let these fellows go about their business :)hehee
Ma Teakettle

Theresa said...

That is such a cute project!!! Can't wait to see yours finished~~

I feel you about exercising. My hubby and I were hoping to lose some weight as well, but finding time to exercise really needs a lot of determination!!!!

Casa Pearl said...

Oh what a wonderful little heart. I am going to have to try this myself. Hope it's as easy as you say!

futuregirl said...

I think eating lighter is a great way to lose weight. Really, it's easier to not eat those calories than to try to work those suckers off. Once, I just stopped drinking two sugar-sodas (7up) at lunch and drank water or Diet Coke instead. I lost 12 pounds. My suggestion is to make little changes that won't be so hard to stick with that you just give up. You can add little changes over time and before you know it, that 10 pounds will disappear.


What a lovely heart. Easy enough there's no excuse not to make LOADS!

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