Thursday, May 3, 2012

A FINISH!!! And a WIP!

 Well, here it is.  My first cottage, finished!!  I am way behind, but that's okay.  I am just psyched that I did it.  This is my favorite so far.  As you can see I am leaving out the month names, I just didn't want them.  I am moving the top down about 8 stitches and improvising with the various elements already in the designs.  I am over half way finished with February and am making the flowers on the sides a bit shorter to make it work better.  I really like this too, I'm just not sure about my color choice of green.  It's a bit darker than the original, but it will have to work because I am not frogging it.  As you can see I have March in my queue.  I will be doing a floss toss for this one soon.  

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is well,


Tracey said...

Very pretty, Hillery! It's so neat to see on the different blogs how each stitcher "visualizes" each month.

Hope your B-I-L is doing well and getting stronger everyday :^)

Catherine said...

Looks great ~ love how you are changing them up!

Barb said...

Your cottages look great!

Amanda said...

The cottages look lovely, your doing a wonderful of amending them to suit your needs!

Patty C. said...

Your Cottage finish looks just beautiful - Great job !!!

Christine said...

Your cottages are lovely

Anonymous said...

Your cottage finish is lovely and Feb is looking good too.

lovestitch said...

Finish looks fab and WIP is going great! I love your cottages, they are really glorious!!!
Beautiful work!
Hope you are well too.
Best wishes, LS

Toni said...

Lovely cottages!

Deb said...

SWEET! Love the cottages without the month at the top! Excellent stitching.

Plogs said...

This is such a nice addition thanks!!!

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