Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not So Funny When It Happens To You~ And WINNERS!!!

So I saw THIS post on New Nostalgia the other day, and I thought it was hillarious.  So cute, and how I wish my man would say some of those things.

Well, it really isn't so funny when it happens to you.  

12,....Count em', 12 entries to my giveaway.....

Well my loss is your gain, 
I am awarding all the entries to my giveaway, prizes!!!!  Congratulations girls!!  
Rain, Susan D., Cindy, Amazy, Brenda, Melody, Hawthorne, Sam, Marie Ange, and Chaya Mills will receive patterns of their choice,
And Patty C., and Principetta will receive a Finished Object of their choice.

Please ladies e-mail me a message with the pattern or product you wish to have.  Thanks so much for your interest.  


Have a Happy Day,


Chris said...

Oh Hillery :(
Thanks for the Ryan pic :)

Susan D said...

Sorry there wasn't more entries but thank you ever so much for giving us all a prize! You are just too kind!

Patty C. said...

Ok - I am so sorry you didn't get a greater response but It has happened to all of us at one time or another - But I am completely thrilled - Your work is awesome & I will treasure my prize forever !!!!!!!!
I have to go try to make a difficult decision now - Because I want everything - lol

Jenn's Crafty World said...

I can sympathize: I had a give-away once and only two people entered. Too bad the odds on the lottery weren't that good!

Love your projects!


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