Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where's my F and G Hook?

Question!  Er... questions!
Where do you keep your hooks?
How many hooks do you own?  Do you have many sets?
Do you misplace them all the time, or do you know where every one of them is?
How do you keep track?

Lots of love,


riona said...

Since I don't have too many I manage to keep most of them in one of thos quilted roll-up holders that folds up to approximately 9" X 3". The roll-up holds all but my antique store and flea market finds: an ivory hook about as long as a knitting needle and an enormouse hand carved wooden hook

Sam said...

I have a zippered pouch that is actually a pencil case and that is where I keep all of my hooks. I have some duplicates, but mainly have one set. I've only lost a hook once, but that may be that I don't leave hooks with projects.


Annemarie said...

Hi! I would like to let you know that there is a link party on my crochet blog every fridaynight and Saturday. I would love it if you’d add something you made. Have a lovely day!

Suz said...

Hi lol can't promise to slow down just yet, stick while the iron is hot an all that hehe
Kept in an old car radio bow one complete set and a couple of spares
but occasionally l loose one and down the bed under sofas or stuck in a ball of wool..eventually they appear again
Keep a box of size 6mm my favourite well used size, just in case l cant find the best one
Great post hugs x

Suz said...

ooops that should read's ver early in the morning the brain is still asleep lol

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