Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wonderful Day

It was such a fun day with the kids. They keep me so busy during the day. They are now starting to really play with each other, and that is a GOOD thing. For months Big Sister wanted nothing to do with her little sister but now that she is crawling around and into everything, Big Sis wants to play with her more. As long as she's not too rough.
We played cars on their town carpet.

Big Sis just loves to dress up in her Dorothy Slippers.

And of course it wouldn't be a week without pulling out the play dough a couple of times.


As much as this challenge is really motivating me, I'm really sorry that I have to innundate you with all these crappy pics of my dirty little spaces.

Oh well, if you're doing this challenge then you will understand.

Saturday's challenge was the Pantry. I have a little pantry in the cellarway, but that is pretty well organized, maybe not that clean, but organized. I decided not to even touch that. There are many more problems in that cellarway than a messy pantry, and I was not about to show you that.

Here is my food cupboard in the kitchen. It really wasn't that bad, but I cleaned it and organized it by food type.


And After......

My spice drawer before...

And after.....

I have been hooking away and have 11 ripples on the blanket so far. It is so colorful and happy. I just love it. I've been spending about an hour or so in bed at night with the TV on, the kids in bed and my yarn in my lap. It's nice to have peaceful kid free time. Pics later.

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gracie said...

What cute girls....Who got the M & M's from the spice drawer...did you think I would not notice?! Looking forward to seeing the crocheted blanket.

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